FAQ Page

Can I return my order?

You are able to return your order to buyLEDpanels within 14 working days of ordering your purchases online at www.buyledpanels.com. Please click the link below to see our full returns policy:


If for any reason your item(s) is faulty your products will fall under our manufacturers warranty, please click the link below for our full manufacturers warranty section:



Do LED Panels provide me with emergency lighting for the work place?

Here at buyLEDpanels we can provide several emergency lighting solutions to suit your requirements, Please call us on 01144 788 670 for more information.

If you would like to look at our emergency battery packs for use with our LED Panels, please feel free to click the link below which will take you straight to our LED accessories section:



Do my items come with a warranty?

All of our products available on the buyLEDpanels website obtain a manufacturers warranty. Dependant on the product will depend on the warranty period this is covered for by the manufacturer.

For a full warranty guide and access to the manufacturers warranty form please visit the link below:


As a consumer you are also entitled to our 14 day returns scheme, please click the link below for full information on this:



How are LED Panels lit?

LED Panels are commonly either back or side lit. Often if LED Panels are back lit then consumers experience black spots or dull lighting which can create a bad lighting environment.

All of buyLEDpanels panels are side lit which enables a bright consistent light throughout your office, warehouse, building or room. Your quality of light is important to us and even though our products are side lit we can ensure there is NO light bleed from any corners of our LED Panels.

Also we can ensure than there is no flickering or RF interference when switching your LED panel lights on, which ensures you will receive consistent quality lighting at all times from our LED panels. 


How do I fit my new LED Surface Mounted Panels to ceilings or walls?

 Our new revolutionary LED surface mounted panels are a great product fitting directly to any plastered of solid classed ceiling or wall. Each surface mounted panel comes complete with a bracket and fittings needed to fit your new panel.

Inside the packaging for your LED surface mounted panel will be a metal bracket, this will need to fixed directly to the ceiling or wall with screws. 

Once the metal bracket has been fixed to the ceiling or wall your new LED surface mounted panel will fit to the bracket vertically with the bracket fitted horizontally underneath the panel. The bracket will then hook into the hooks available at the side of the surface mounted panels themselves.

If you require anymore help or advice fitting your panel, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0114 478 8670 or email us at sales@buyledpanels.com


When will my order be delivered?

Here at buyLEDpanels we aim to deliver all orders as quickly as possible, generally within 2 or 3 days. Once your purchase has been despatched we will try and give as much information as we can from the Delivery Company.

For full information on delivery times scales and costs please see our delivery information page, which can be accessed by clicking the link below.



What does IP65 rated mean?

The “Ingress Protection” (IP) ratings are used to specify the effectiveness of any sealed enclosures around electrical devices. Dependant on the specification of each “IP” rating will depend on the intrusion within the electrical item from any dirt, foreign bodies or moisture.

IP65 rated lights are fully dust tight and the casing of these lights will provide protection to the electrical light against low pressure water jets. All of our IP65 rated lights have met international standards EN 60529.


Can I fit LED Panels myself?

Here at buyledpanels we always suggest getting a fully qualified electrician to fit your LED panels. Not only will a fully qualified electrician test and try the LED panel to ensure everything is safe, it will also ensure that you are covered with your manufacturer warranty should you need a replacement in the future. 


How do I install my GU10 Bulbs?

GU10 Bulbs are the most common light to use within your household or small office setting. They are every easy to fit and replace as they work on a simple push and twist system allowing them to lock within the casing already in the ceiling.

If you have already tried to fit the light bulb and are still unsure please use the you tube video link below to help you:



How much will my delivery cost for my items?

If you order 2 or more of the Same Product, we will ship your order FREE of charge.  If you need your purchase by a set time on a set date - Please give us a call on 01144 788 670 to place your order and we can advise of the best delivery solution for you (additional charges may apply for timed and / or weekend  delivery services)


Who will deliver my items?

Don’t worry your item’s are in safe hands. Here at buyledpanels we have two main shipping suppliers that are used within the UK.

Interlink Express - Next Day Delivery

TNT – Next Day Delivery

If for any reason your item is too large for either of the two shipping services above your item will be shipped via a haulier that will specialise in pallet delivery. If this is the case on our dedicated customer services team will give you a call to discuss delivery of these items. 


Can I send my order to a different address?

Yes, this is possible if the item has not already been dispatched from our warehouse. If you have forgotten to change your shipping address at the time of ordering on our website just give us a call or send us an email and we will be able to change this for you. We will be unable to recall the delivery if the items have already been dispatched from the warehouse. 


My order hasn’t arrived yet?

Don’t panic, we are able to track your order with a unique consignment number. If you order hasn’t arrived yet give us a call on 0114 478 8670 or email us at sales@buyledpanels.com and we will be able to track your order for you.  


Will LED lighting save money on my energy bills?

It is almost guaranteed that if you replace old halogen lamps, strips lights and other old lighting solutions with new efficient led panels and GU10 bulbs you will save money on your household or business bills. A standard light bulb would use 40W however an LED bulb would only require 5W using less electricity.

If you are still unsure about your electricity savings please use the links below to help you decide on a brighter future:






What colour temperature is best for me?

Dependant on your office or room size and preference will depend which colour temperature will be the best solution for you. Please see below for the Kelvin colour temperature:


3000K – Warm White Colour

4000K – White Colour

5000K – Cool White Colour

6000K – Daylight Colour