Looking for high quality LED Panels? Our range of carefully selected, high quality LED panels are perfect for all commercial environments. All of our panels are supplied with an optional 5 year warranty and are fully approved and tested by the Lighting Industry Association. Our LED Panels are the highest quality panels available on the market.

Looking for Surface Mounted LED Panels? We are one of the few online UK retailers offering Surface Mounted LED Panels. Surface Mounted LED panels are a slim profile panel that can be easily and discretely be mounted onto almost any surface required. All the required fixtures and fittings are supplied with the panel and you can install them immediately.

If you need help and advice on choosing the right type of LED Panel for your application please feel free to contact one of our friendly technical sales team on 0114 478 8670 or email sales@buyledpanels.com

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    The most popular Slimline (10mm) LED Panels are available here at our buyledpanels website. These quality LED Panels offer quality low cost energy

    • 600mm x 600mm x 10mm
    • White Frame
    • Dimmable Driver option Available
    • No light bleed
    • UGR 19 LowGlare
    • Low energy consumption - 40W per panel
    • Eco friendly, NO UV,IR and mercury
    • No flickering on start-up, humming or RF interference
    • 5 year manufacturer warranty
    • 3400 Lumen output
    • 5000K Colour Temperature
    £22.50(Exc. VAT)
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