600 x 600 LED Panel Light (6000K)

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600 x 600 LED Panel Light (6000K)

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600 x 600 White Framed LED Panels provide a low cost energy consumption of only 40W per panel, allowing an output of up to 3400 lumens. These popular Slimline LED Panels can be easily fitted to any recessed ceilings within commercial or business areas providing a modern, bright feel to your business. These panels can also be mounted to any plastered to solid classed ceilings if purchased with our surface mounted frames, please see our LED accessories section. All of our LED panels gives a NO light bleed solution, anti-glare, NO humming or RF interference providing an all around quality solution.

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Our standard 600 x 600Led Panels can be installed and configured in a number of different ways. The step by step instructions below provide a number of installation methods commonly used by our customers. If you have any questions regarding the installation of panels prior to purchasing please contact a member of our technical sales team on 0114 478 8670


Recessing LED Panels are the most common type of panel installation. They fit perfectly into suspended ceilings and can be fitted extremely quickly on site. To install a recessed panel:

  • 1Remove the ceiling gypsum board.recess_1
  • 2Connect the power cable.recess_2
  • 3Place the LED Panel into the recess.recess_3
  • 4Fix the LED panel into place.recess_4

Ceiling-Mounted Led Panel

If you are fitting the LED Panel to a non-suspended ceiling or if you do not have the ability to recess the panel using a ceiling mounted frame is the next most popular method of installation.

  • 1Construct the three sides of the frame using the plastic forcer connectors and fix to the roof.celing_1
  • 2Slot the LED Panel into the structure ensuring it sits snug and secure.celing_2
  • 3Insert the final side of the frame and secure with screws.celing_3
  • 4Installation Complete.celing_4

Suspended LED Panels

Suspended LED Panels provide you with the ability to take greater control over the lighting of any room. Varying the drop of the panel from the ceiling can create a brighter environment and create a stylish effect. 

  • 1Drill a 5mm deep hole into the ceiling surface. 
  • 2Insert a plastic expansion screw into 5mm deep hole.
  • 3Screw an M4 Screw into the expansion screw
  • 4Attach the ceiling-mounted brace supplied with the wire hanging kit. 
  • 5The pull can be used to adjust the suspension height of the panel. 
  • 6The supplied M10 screw can be used to fix excess wire into place. 
  • 7Attach the LED Panel to complete the installation.


  • 600mm x 600mm x 10mm
  • White Frame
  • Fully Dimmable Driver option available
  • No light bleed
  • Low Glare
  • Low energy consumption - 40W per panel
  • Eco friendly, NO UV,IR and mercury
  • No flickering on start-up, humming or RF interference
  • 3 year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 3400 Lumen Output
  • 6000K Colour Temperature

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