Manufacturer Warranty

Our manufacturer offers a warranty on all of our products. This is a no quibble exchange at their cost, which can either be an individual component part or a full product replacement, dependant on the item that is dysfunctional.

 Our manufacturer offers the following warranties:

 3 Year Warranty

LED Panels (Slimline panels and Surface mounted led panels) including panel and driver

595 x 595 / 1200 x 600 / 1200 x 300

 2 Year Warranty

LED Round Panels and LED Slimline Round Panels

 2 Year Warranty

GU10 Bulbs

 1 Year Warranty

Any LED accessories

LED Tape

LED Shop Signs


*The manufacturers guarantee/ warranty is transparent but must assume that the installation has been carried out by a certified UK electrical engineer/ electrician. In certain situations, we may ask for a copy of the buildings electrical certificate as verification of professional installation.


*The manufacturers guarantee is not valid if the installation has not been carried out correctly regardless of who installed it, An out of date electrical certificate may determine insufficient installation/ circuit/ grid testing to verify that the installation was carried out correctly, in this instance the product guarantee would be revoked (not apply).