Premium600 x 600 LED Panel Light (6000K)
  • 600mm x 600mm x 10mm
  • White Frame
  • Fully Dimmable Driver option available

600 x 600 LED Panel Light (6000K)

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Our premium LED Panels are the best available in the UK and Europe. All our panels are manufactured using the latest lighting and LED panel Technology. Each and every one of our LED Panels under go a stringent quality control process in our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility.

Our LED panels are manufactured directly in china and are quality controlled both after manufacturing and when they arrive in our UK warehouse for distribution. Unlike other manufacturers our 600 x 600 LED panels are LIA certified and verified by the Energy Saving Trust - making them perfect for commercial environment.


Our twist & locking fitting allows smooth, easy connection to the panel driver. The lock in fitting ensures that the driver power pack remains connected when positioning the panel. Simply connect the panel driver and rotate the plug 90 degrees to secure the fitting in place.

Simple, safe and secure driver connection. 


"Our 600 x 600 LED panel is constructed with four layers of premium, high density material enclosed in a tight aluminum casing - Our panels deliver precise, even light distribution with no light bleed".

Precise light distribution, No light bleed

PS Diffuser

A soft 3mm thick diffuser layer that evenly diffuses the light for a soft, even light effect.

PET Reflection paper

The heat and fireproof PET reflection paper prevents any light bleeding from the back of the panel.

Mitsubishi LGP

The Mitsubishi LGP layer evenly distributes LED light throughout the panel for a consistent light effect.

Prevention galvanized sheet

Backed with a thin layer of rust protected galvanized steel to prevent fire and heat transfer.


The 600 x 600 LED Panel is just 10mm thick - The ultra slim design allows the panel to be both recessed into an office ceiling or installed using our wireframe hanging kit. This slim design makes the panel easy to transport, install and handle on site.

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600 x 600 LED Panels have a limitless number of applications and are the go-to replacement for traditional suspended ceiling lights. We’ve listed below just a hand full of popular applications implemented by our customers:



From kitchen, to entrance halls, to home offices - 600 x 600 LED panels provide the perfect balance between natural light and even light distribution. Panels can be easily surface mounted onto a standard plasterboard ceiling or installed using a wireframe hanging kit to add an extra level of style.



Our LED panels can be found in thousands of shops, shopping centres and commercial offices across the UK and Europe. The slim panel profile, low cost and easy installation makes them the perfect solution for so many commercial applications. For specific advice for your commercial project please contact us.



Industrial environments demand clean, bright, evenly distributed lighting - Our 600 x 600 LED Panels provide the perfect light setting for workshops, warehouses, stock rooms and more. LED Panel needs to be LED Panel Variation provides the essential, bright light required for industrial applications.


Our 600 x 600 LED Panel is one of the highest quality LED panels available in the UK and Europe - Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers think and how they are using our LED panels

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Richard Fletcher “These panels are superb.
Arrived the next day! I shall buy more of these.”
Peter Wilson “I use this product in my stores and would say it is the way to go cheaper to run and looks good”
Francis Jackson “Brill product , used in a office area , they are very bright and natural light.”
Gordon Meek “The product looks good and it will be recommended to group to replace old lighting.”


Our 600x 600 LED panels have a superb specification - They are highly energy efficient and are guaranteed to both save you money and improve the quality of light in any environment.

  • colour Colour: 3000K, 4000K, 6000K
  • wattage Wattage: 40 Watts Equivalent
  • size Size: (LxWxh): 600mm x 600m x 10mm
  • dimmable Dimmable: Yes (Optional Drive Required)
  • lumin Lumin Ouput: 3,400lm
  • voltage Voltage: 220-277V
  • voltage Voltage: 220-277V
  • cerification Certification: CE & LIA Approved
Premium600 x 600 LED Panel Light (6000K)
  • 600mm x 600mm x 10mm
  • White Frame
  • Fully Dimmable Driver option available

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